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 MINUTES: 1 - 62 of 62
ACCRTA2010-08-262010 5VIEW
ACCRTA2010-07-212010 2VIEW
ACCRTA1995-08-251995 6VIEW
ACCRTA1995-11-121995 2VIEW
ACCRTA1996-02-231996 9VIEW
ACCRTA1996-05-031996 8VIEW
ACCRTA1996-08-091996 5VIEW
ACCRTA1996-12-011996 3VIEW
ACCRTA1997-02-281997 8VIEW
ACCRTA1996-06-211996 13VIEW
ACCRTA1997-04-251997 6VIEW
ACCRTA1997-11-021997 1VIEW
ACCRTA1997-06-181997 11VIEW
ACCRTA1997-06-201997 12VIEW
ACCRTA1998-02-191998 13VIEW
ACCRTA1998-02-191998 9VIEW
ACCRTA1998-04-231998 1VIEW
ACCRTA1998-06-191998 8VIEW
ACCRTA1998-08-211998 8VIEW
ACCRTA1998-11-201998 3VIEW
ACCRTA1999-02-191999 6VIEW
ACCRTA1999-06-181999 10VIEW
ACCRTA1999-07-281999 11VIEW
ACCRTA1999-11-071999 6VIEW
ACCRTA2000-03-232000 5VIEW
ACCRTA2000-06-302000 7VIEW
ACCRTA2000-08-252000 8VIEW
ACCRTA2001-02-232001 12VIEW
ACCRTA2001-06-292001 7VIEW
ACCRTA2001-07-232001 15VIEW
ACCRTA2001-10-192001 28VIEW
ACCRTA2002-02-222002 8VIEW
ACCRTA2002-04-252002 9VIEW
ACCRTA2002-08-282002 7VIEW
ACCRTA2003-08-202003 10VIEW
ACCRTA2006-06-142006 5VIEW
ACCRTA2006-08-032006 2VIEW
ACCRTA2006-09-212006 2VIEW
ACCRTA2007-06-132007 2VIEW
ACCRTA1990-06-151990 2VIEW
ACCRTA1990-11-091990 10VIEW
ACCRTA1990-11-191990 3VIEW
ACCRTA1991-01-181991 13VIEW
ACCRTA1991-03-221991 5VIEW
ACCRTA1991-04-261991 2VIEW
ACCRTA1991-06-191991 14VIEW
ACCRTA1991-07-261991 27VIEW
ACCRTA1992-02-281992 4VIEW
ACCRTA1992-08-071992 14VIEW
ACCRTA1992-12-141992 7VIEW
ACCRTA1992-09-221992 4VIEW
ACCRTA1992-06-241992 36VIEW
ACCRTA1993-03-051993 4VIEW
ACCRTA1993-07-161993 27VIEW
ACCRTA1994-10-221994 3VIEW
ACCRTA1994-02-251994 5VIEW
ACCRTA1994-06-241994 5VIEW
ACCRTA1994-07-291994 16VIEW
ACCRTA1994-12-131994 7VIEW
ACCRTA1995-02-231995 10VIEW
ACCRTA1995-06-301995 10VIEW
ACCRTA1982-11-161982 11VIEW